School Tours

Derg Isle Adventure Centre has a rich experience in providing schools with a varied and fulfilling experience for their students.  No matters their age or ability we have a program that can be tailored to meet your students needs and goals.

Providing a challenge to all classes

Derg Isle lends itself perfectly to any school year trip away.  With a broad variety of options providing tailor made packages for your trip.  Check out the options below.

Transition Years

Challenge Young Minds

A chance for your Transition year students to experience independence and multiple challenges to enhance their special year

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National Schools

Class 5 and 6

A fun day out for all of the class.
Build their special day, full of adventure.  Choose from a variety of activities to ensure an unforgettable day.

Community College

A variety of challenges to push them

The experience that Derg Isle Adventure Centre provides to Colleges varies based upon the needs of a particular group.  It has been used to help 1st years bond and ease into a new environment, offer variety to second years with multiple challenges, to giving 6th years a chance to consolidate their education experience through outdoor adventure.  No matter your needs Derg Isle Adventure Centre will design a bespoke program to suit.

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