• Bernard Giblin

Taking Ireland's Toughest Family Seriously

It is funny, that whilst promoting the opportunity to visit Derg Isle's newest development - Ireland's Toughest Family at the 'Holiday World Show' here in Dublin that the most common response to the idea of running around an obstacle course with a pole is on of almost pure horror. It is to that end that I feel I should explain the rules and expectations in a little more detail. The course will be open from the 1st of June through until the end of August.

Participant teams need to be made of four participants. At least one on those participants needs to be over the age of 18 and hopefully a parent - an adult anyway. The rest of the team must be above the minimum age which is 12 years old.

The course is laid out as follows. The start is a bog run, you will be given a wetsuit, although you can wear your own if you would like and some of the more hardy bucks will decide that a pair of shorts and a string vest is all that is required. The bog run is apron 3 km long and will be led by an instructor to ensure that you do not get lost along the way. All of the obstacles are mandatory and if you fall from one, you need to repeat it, no other penalty applies. Once the bog/marsh run is completed you will swim across the canals and attack the full obstacle course in a full relay format - each team member will run the course independently. Once the full team have completed this is it up to the top field to take on the challenge as done by our visiting senior GAA teams - more on that to come - but two new hazards are being added to this area in the spring - just think wet and muddy!!! - the final challenge is heart break his - I will leave that to your imagination, but suffice to say it will involve a hill and heartbreak! That is it - no matter your ability you can get around it - it is not impossible by any stretch and we will be testing it with our kids this spring so will keep prospective teams posted as to the development. So - suck it up and set yourself the challenge, book a date, we won't even charge you until you get here. Many of us need something to focus on to make a journey in fitness a reality - make this one yours - I will now get off my soapbox. Call 087 1254365 for details and to book your date. Be well!

An ariel view of the course, with water holes and all


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