The Derg Isle Adventure Centre Team

Get to Know Us

The team here at Derg Isle Adventure Centre come from a variety of backgrounds bringing with them the very latest in instructor techniques and knowledge.  All of our instructors are crossed trained through all of our activities here with our visitors safely being our number one priority.


Padraig Giblin


Padraig Giblin was born and raised here in Scariff on the shores of Lough Derg, with strong local connections and a real passion for the GAA sports and the outdoors in general.  A keen fisherman and nature conservationist. Padraig envisioned  of a place that people could go to enjoy the outdoor environment. Time away from digital screens and with friends and family are the cornerstone of Padraig philosophy.  He is well know in the GAA world for his SportsNetting Business that nets some of the countries top sporting facilities

Bernard Giblin

General Manager

Bernard comes from a background of hospitality development across multiple disciplines, having been involved in Youth programs and curriculum developments in the USA for more than 20 years. Having a real passion for outdoor activities and general fitness, he completed the grueling Spartan Race Trifecta in the US -  A multi disciplined senior instructor Bernard brings a wealth of experience to the team here at Derg Isle Adventure Centre


Antony (Tony) Vincent

Senior Instructor

Tony comes from a hugely varied background covering all aspects of life outdoors.  Tony relishes the opportunity to work with our visitors and introduce them to the wilder side of life.  Affectionately know as 'Mountain Man Tony', there is not much Tony can't turn his hand to from bush craft and survival to installing some of our scary zip lines. He has been a key player in the enactment movement and can create a multitude of ancient weaponry as a full fledged Blacksmith.  If he is not swinging from a zip line Tony will be creating something new and interesting in the Forge  He is the consummate all rounder and can't wait to meet our newest visitors

William (Will) Glass

Instructor - Fitness

Will is one of the firm favorites here at Derg Isle Adventure Centre, and he certainly leads from the front.  Will brings cutting edge fitness theory and practice to our team, combining the very latest in techniques to offer our visitors a safe and challenging experience.  An experienced multi disciplined water instructor, Will, will lead you on the trip of a lifetime, ensuring you have plenty of time to capture those memories that will last a for ever.


The rest of the gang

Dave Mooney - Erin Belsterling

Making up the remainder of the permanent staff here at Derg Isle Adventure Center.

Dave Mooney - QM

The devil is in the detail, Dave is the most organized of our team and keeps us all on the right path as well as all of the equipment maintained

Erin Belsterling

With a background in Youth programs on some of the worlds largest cruise ships Erin brings great variety to our Youth Programs

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