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What should I bring to a Day Visit to Derg Isle

You should wear comfortable sports attire, something that you can move around freely in
A full change of clothes
A reusable water bottle
A towel, if you are doing anything on, in or near the water
A pair of old runners for the obstacle course, if participating in that event
A packed lunch (School Tours)
We do have tuck shop - so bring a few euros if you want a treat!

What should I bring for an overnight stay at Derg Isle

Everything in the Day Visit list plus the following:

A warm sleeping bag

A second change of clothes

Soap and Shampoo for the showers

A large bath towel

A flashlight

Flip Flops for the showers

What is not allowed at Derg Isle

Please do not bring the following:

Plastic disposable bottles

Any weapons

Electronics - our policy on electronics is such that we do not encourage participants to bring any form of electronics.  We will be outside, running, jumping and swinging from a tyre and maybe falling in the water, so you will not have much opportunity for selfies or to check up on Facebook. We will be taking photographs which we will share with you after the day is done.

Alcohol/Drugs/Cigarettes - Derg Isle is a Smoke and Drug free environment, this is a zero tolerance facility

Activities - Rain or Shine

Derg Isle Adventure Centre is an outdoor facility and as such is subject to the very changeable weather here in Ireland.  All activity participants should come prepared to engage in the activities rain or shine.  We do not cancel activities due to weather unless that weather is deemed to be unsafe - such as lightening whilst out on the water.  The management and instructors at Derg Isle Adventure Centre have our guests safety as their number one priority.  As they say in Ireland - If you can't do it when it is raining, well I guess you just can't do it.  Happy Adventuring!

Refund Policy

All Activities booked through our website are paid for 100% in advance. Cancelations with at least 5 days notice will receive a full refund, activities cancelled within 5 days of the activity date will be refunded at 50%, and tours cancelled within three days of the activity date will not receive a refund. A day is deemed as a 24 hr period prior to the actual day of the activity.  The activity day does not count towards the notice period.   

Hopefully we have answered all of your questions, if however you need more information please call the help desk on 087 1254365

087 1254365

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